Tribute Vs. Stereotype

This article is about what makes a Native American mascot a tribute or stereotype. the article focuses on the way a mascot portrays Indians, and how this determines weather or not a mascot is a tribute or stereotype.




Native American Response to Mascots

Native Americans have responded differently to different mascots Portraying Indians. the main reasons they respond differently to different mascots is because of how the mascots are portrayed. Native Americans are ok with mascots if they are an accurate and non-offensive representation of indians and their culture/heritage.  

Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins are one of many professional teams that use an indian as their mascot, and a racially insensitive depiction of an indian as their logo. The Redskins adopted their Indian mascot and symbol in 1933 when the owner of the team decided to change the team name. The controversy surrounding the name began as soon as the name was changed. Native Americans would enter the games carrying redskin potatoes suggesting that the mascot be changed to a potato. The team did not feel that this was logical, and decided to keep the name and mascot. When the team wanted to relocate in 1990 city officials stated that if they wanted any financial assistance the team must change its name. Two years later when the team made it to the Super Bowl in 1992 over 2000 Native Americans protested the Indian mascot. After the Superbowl there was an unsuccessful lawsuit brought against the team from representatives of the Indian nation. The team continues to use their Native American mascot, name, and logo. Image

The Cleveland Indians

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Chief Wahoo has been the longtime mascot for the Cleveland Indians. The Image began appearing on the teams uniforms in 1928, and continues to appear on both the teams home and road uniforms.  When the team made the World Series in 1997 there were many protests against the use of the indian mascot, and these protests continued to the start of the 1998 season. There have been numerous protests and demonstrations denouncing the use of the indian mascot, but the team has not done anything in response.

This is more of a scholarly source because it is more indepth and aimed at a more informed audience. This example will prove to be useful because nothing has been done about the mascot unlike many other examples.